Providers that know more than your language

Our diverse care team brings a wealth of experience and a global perspective to our integrated healthcare approach. By embracing international medical graduates, we enrich our services with a profound understanding of different cultural practices, beliefs, and healthcare needs.

Experience the difference of healthcare with a personal touch. Where our team doesn't just speak your language; they understand your culture.

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A Multicultural Care Team

About Us

Scott Malm

Physician Assistant

Gaylord Lihumba Kambali

IMG Physician Extender

Sampson Nde

IMG Lead Physician Extender

Qasim Modaqiq

IMG Physician Extender

Scott Malm, Executive Director of Ambulatory Services at Idaho Health Neighborhood Center, Nampa. With over 26 years as a Physician Assistant, he brings expertise in Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Orthopedics, and more, alongside military experience as a Certified Surgical Technologist and awards such as Soldier of the Year Idaho Army National Guard.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Sampson, a physician and general surgeon from Nigeria with experience in public health research, currently serves as Lead Physician Extender at Idaho Health Neighborhood Center, Nampa. He's passionate about facilitating the transition of International Medical Graduates to the US medical practice and has been involved in medical education dissemination across Idaho.

Languages spoken: English

Dr. Gaylord Lihumba Kambali, born in Kinshasa, Congo, experienced poverty's impact, inspiring his pursuit of medicine. Excelling in biomedical sciences, he graduated at the top of his medical school class. Despite facing persecution, he completed his degree, sought asylum in the US, and worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant while preparing for the US Medical Licensing Exam. Now a Physician Extender, he provides crucial support in the clinic, displaying resilience and dedication.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French, Swahili

Qasim, a physician from Afghanistan, moved to the U.S. in September 2021. With a Bachelor of Health Science and medical education in Kazakhstan, he is currently a Physician Extender at Idaho Health Neighborhood Center in Nampa, aiding clinicians and assisting patients. Previously, he worked as a phlebotomist with the American Red Cross. Qasim loves Idaho's natural beauty, has made friends, and is dedicated to becoming a U.S. physician, currently preparing for the USMLE.

Languages spoken: English, Dari/Farsi, Russian, Tajiki

Maria Torres

Behavioral Health Consultant

Alanna Lilly

Physician Assistant

Maria Torres, LCSW, holds a master's degree in social work and a bachelor's degree in social work and Spanish from Boise State University. Maria has worked in Child Protective Services with the Idaho Department of Health, as a hospital social worker at St. Luke’s, and later joined Saltzer Health to developed an Integrated Behavioral Health program now used at IHNC. Maria has also been a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for 16 years, where she serves as the vice president of the Idaho chapter.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

A compassionate Physician Assistant specializing in Family Medicine, Alanna brings over 8.5 years of experience to the Treasure Valley community. With a master’s degree from the University of South Alabama and a bachelor’s degree in Biology, she’s deeply rooted in the local community. Beyond medicine, Alanna finds joy in fantasy novels, outdoor adventures, and savoring culinary delights. Her unwavering dedication to healthcare and zest for life enriches our community.

Languages spoken: English

Alice Knotts

Clinical Pharmacist

Desiree Medina

Practice Manager

Dr. Alice Knotts, a WSU College of Pharmacy graduate (2018), has a diverse background in clinical pharmacy. After residency and experience at St. Luke's, she thrived at Kootenai Health, managing services, leading quality initiatives, and serving as President of the Spokane Pharmacy Association. Today, Dr. Knotts leverages her expertise at Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization and IHNC, expanding access in rural areas, while also serving as Lead Clinical Pharmacist for MedTruly.

Languages spoken: English

Desiree "Dezzi" Medina is an experienced manager and healthcare professional with over 25 years of leadership in various roles, renowned for her strategic insights and compassionate approach. She has made a profound impact in the medical field through her commitment to excellence and patient care, holding roles from frontline caregiving to administrative leadership. Dezzi's dedication to continuous improvement is evident through her pursuit of leadership courses and certifications, reflecting her passion for fostering excellence and innovation in every endeavor.

Languages spoken: English

Dhuha L. Ali

IMG Volunteer

Zoey Clark

Front Desk Coordinator II

Maria Vargas

IMG Volunteer

Zoey Clark, a dedicated Front Desk Coordinator with a passion for exceptional service, brings a friendly demeanor and nurturing touch to her role. This proud boy mom excels in creating positive experiences through her strong communication skills and warm personality. Whether greeting guests or assisting with inquiries, Zoey ensures everyone feels welcomed and well taken care of.

Languages spoken: English

Dr. Ali, MD, M.B.Ch.B, a pediatrician with experience in Iraq, Jordan, and the US, leveraged her skills to bridge healthcare gaps. As a case manager and interpreter, she aided patients. Later, at St. Luke's, she led a top breast cancer research project, making their department a national leader. Passionate about immigrant doctors, she co-founded an organization to help them re-enter the US workforce, receiving White House recognition. Dr. Ali currently seeks re-licensing and serves on non-profit boards. A skilled physician and proud mother of two, she's dedicated to improving healthcare access.

Languages spoken: English, Arabic, French

Maria, an internal medicine specialist from Cartagena, Colombia, aspires to become a certified physician in the US. Currently, she volunteers at IHNC to gain clinical experience and aid underserved communities. Driven by a passion for learning and helping others, Maria believes hard work and dedication are the keys to success in serving her patients.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Nadiia Prudnikova

IMG Volunteer

Nadiia, MD, born and raised in Ukraine, dreamt of becoming a doctor since childhood. Overcoming challenges, including online studies due to Covid-19 and the war, she graduated medical school in June 2022. War forced her to relocate to the US with her family in April. Though her plan wasn't to leave Ukraine, she now volunteers at IHNC, gaining practical skills and US healthcare knowledge while studying for the USMLE to pursue her medical career.

Languages spoken: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Bienvenue au Idaho Health Neighborhood Center

Gaylord Lihumba Kambali vous souhaite la bienvenue à Idaho Health Neighborhood Center, une clinique de soins de santé intégrés dont les prestataires ne parlent pas seulement votre langue, mais ont vécu dans votre culture.


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